Friday, December 18, 2015

24 years of being an architect!

24 years ago on this day, I received my degree as an architect. It has been a long and challenging, yet fulfilling road to today. If I were to have to go back and choose my career path again, I wouldn't change a thing. As proud as I am of my architectural achievements, my accomplishments as a father are equally, if not more gratifying.

24 años atrás, me recibía de arquitecto. Fue un camino largo, por momentos complicado, pero siempre satisfactorio. Si volviera el tiempo atrás y tuviera a elegir volver a elegir, volvería a elegir el mismo camino. 
Estoy muy orgulloso de mis logros, y también de mi mayor logro, el de ser padre de 2 hermosos hij


Thursday, December 17, 2015

4th St Construction Progress

A recent progress photo of a project on Jersey City's 4th St coming to life.  The architectural intent was to create a unique building that is representative of 2015, yet relate to its existing urban context in proportion and scale.  Once completed, it will provide Jersey City with 3 high-end residential units and green spaces for its residents in the backyard and on the roof.