Wednesday, April 9, 2014

JMA's New Office

JMA has completed the move into our new office in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan! The area is buzzing with commerce from businesses large and small. In our building alone, there are tech startups, urban designers, architecture firms, stock traders, app designers, and printing services. The variety of firms working in this area are what make it such a distinct and special place in Manhattan. The space is blanketed in natural light throughout the day, which complements the white interior and allows us to minimize use of artificial lighting. We do encourage energy efficiency and sustainability, so what better place to start than our office?! To contrast the nearly all-white interior, we use orange accents throughout. As you enter, you face an orange accent wall behind the metal-clad reception desk.
The conference room is used for client, contractor, and team meetings. The glass marker board stretches from wall-to-wall and allows us to draw and hang content for our meetings. It will also be able to be reserved by our fellow tenants for their use.
Our studio work-space is bordered by an exposed brick wall with large windows. They provide us with a view of the surrounding buildings and the activity on Varick Street. There is an abundance of storage in shelves and cabinets throughout. We also designed in plenty of counter space to sketch out our ideas.
The dedicated model shop will produce more of these in the near future:
JMA is thrilled to be in Manhattan amongst such great talent and excitement. It truly is a remarkable place to work and to be apart of. If you are interested in working in a flexible, creative-collaborative space, we currently have a few desks available and we LOVE working with designers and those in other creative industries. Inquire at 646-248-6664.