Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Art of Creating a Harmonious Design

A good design is not only measured in terms of creativity, but it has to deal with order and logic. When you look at a beautiful home, it should have an open layout providing a great sense of flow and exude positivity. A harmonious space just feels right, no elements are clashing together fighting for the spotlight. JMA always achieves the right balance of unity and variety when we design.
The art of interior design is choosing design elements that tie all the rooms together and stir interest and curiosity in the observer. These design elements include:

·         Shape
·         Texture
·         Form
·         Color

Creating an interesting design

Designers pull out certain tools from their toolbox to create a unified space. A great way they do this is through variety. Variety adds interest and energy to a design; it gives a great feeling of a space. All the different design elements, if utilized successfully, should create a dynamic visual layout.

JMA recently completed a Jersey City brownstone renovation on 5th street. Our goal was to improve the interior space to bring it up to contemporary standards, as well as to bring in natural light wherever possible. Where natural light was not possible, accent lighting was used for a soft, diffused effect. The new lighting addition offers a clean streamlined look for the home. The townhouse now has a harmonious design that exudes a sense of calmness and coziness.
We are strategic in selecting the perfect finishes, furniture, and fixtures to be complementary to each other. When we design for any project, we aim to make beauty and function collide. The wood was a material we carefully repeated throughout the home. For instance, in the kitchen the dark wood added a nice contrast against the white cabinets.

We also created a wood and glass staircase, a combination that is modern and elegant. It is amazing how using one material like wood can set the whole tone of the space. It helped enforce our message of bringing an earthier minimal aesthetic to the home. 

The kitchen has unique storage areas for books that keep the space organized, stylish, and functional. We want our clients to have spaces that make them feel comfortable at home and add features that would be beneficial for each of their personal needs. 

Color is a design element that can make or break your home. If you use too many colors, it is very jarring to the eye and provides no cohesion.  When it comes to picking wall colors for your home, less is more. For the 5th street townhouse, we chose certain shades that highlighted the best features. In the kitchen, we went with a light blue backsplash. The blue color gives off a calming essence and serenity. Light colors are expansive and airy often making a room seem larger and well lit. 

In comparison, dark colors are sophisticated and create a more intimate appearance. In this bathroom, the dark grey color and the dark wood shower accents gives it a masculine feel.

In the second bathroom, we chose a green backsplash with lightly colored bamboo countertops. JMA believes in sustainability, using bamboo is an environmentally friendly material with a lot of durability. Bamboo adds a great illusion of texture to the overall look of the bathroom. We used sleek bathroom metal fixtures to create balance against the other elements.

The art of creating a harmonious design is choosing elements that appear as if they are meant to be together. I love design because it is about being imaginative and creating cohesiveness. We enjoy speaking with our clients, listening to their needs and working with them to make their dream home come to life. Design is like a puzzle piece with many parts. It is so exciting putting each of the pieces together and designing the interior to match the beautiful exterior of a home.  

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