Monday, August 21, 2017

How to Maximize Your Living Space

Living in Manhattan has a lot of perks but when it comes to the size of apartments they typically run on the smaller side. However, just because your apartment is small, does not mean you have to think small when designing it. In order to make your apartment reach its fullest potential you have to think outside the box and find new ways to make every area of space have a thoughtful purpose.

How to Create a Purposeful Design
We recently did a renovation for an apartment located in Gramercy, New York that was in need of a makeover. Before JMA designed it, the apartment had a dark cramped layout that lacked function or beauty. Our first step when renovating was to reconfigure the entire layout and give the compact looking apartment a breath of fresh new air.

The kitchen and living room layout was maximized by removing a dividing wall that separated the spaces, resulting in a much more flexible and efficient layout. An integrated island separates the kitchen and living room visually, but doesn't constrain the spaces, all the while providing usable space for the kitchen.

Gramercy Apartment Designed by JMA

Let There Be Light
JMA used diffused accent lighting to provide a feeling of openness and natural light to help make the apartment feel larger and brighter. Light is an important design element because it creates a visual impression of expansiveness. Not only does light make an apartment seem brighter and more open, but choosing the right paint colors can have this effect as well. When designing your apartment always choose a solid light color to make your rooms seem bigger and more spacious. The light blue color we chose for the Gramercy apartment was the perfect choice because it makes the apartment look airy and gives it a calming effect.

The Benefits of Storage in Unexpected Places
When designing this apartment we aimed to find new ways to maximize square footage wherever we could. One of the ways we did this is by creating an efficient use of shelving in the kitchen and living room areas. If you live in a smaller apartment, staying organized is essential.  JMA designed the Gramercy apartment to have ample cabinet space so it can be clutter free. The best designers always approach design with each bit of the space carefully and thoughtfully in mind.  By us placing the built-in shelves close to the ceiling it made the apartment look taller and reduced taking up precious floor space.

Thinking Outside the Box
Our overall vision when designing this apartment was to make it look minimal, modern, and have a timeless appeal. The white cabinets in the kitchen and the wood accents in the bathroom give the apartment a modern elegance. Although the bathroom is on the smaller side it still looks stylish, unique, and functional. It fits perfectly with the rest of the house and the minimalist look we were going for.
Modern Bathroom Designed by JMA

At JMA we are always focused on strategizing new ways to maximize square footage when we are in the design planning process. It is important for us to create smarter home layouts for our clients regardless of their apartment size. The best designed homes are functional, beautiful, and makes people feel comfortable in an environment that works for them. It is a very rewarding feeling designing a client's home that satisfies their artistic desires and changes their lives for the better.

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