Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day with a baby and stroller in the city!

Part One:

I'm the father of a 3 year old boy. The first time we decided to go out and visit the city, he was only a few days old. When I say the city; I mean, "the big City," "The Big Apple,"... NYC. One of the most important city in the world.

So, let's start our journey from the beginning...

Ready to explore the city for the very 1st time!

We live in a very old brownstown in Jersey City, in the area of Hamilton Park. To go to the city, I have to take the Path, which by the way, is really great - very reliable, always on time, and very clean. I have two options, I can take the PATH from Pavonia or I can walk to Grove Street, both are a 10 minutes walk.

We usually like to walk to Grove Street Station. It is a nice walk.
As soon as we get in the entry of the PATH Station, we found that the escalator didn't work, so I took the stroller and carried it down. Once we were downstairs, we realized that the stroller didn't fit through the turnstile. Well, it's good that I am strong men, so we hoisted it again. As soon as we placed it on the floor, a new stair going down appeared. "Where is the escalator???" . Well, dear, there is no escalator, nor elevator, only stairs.

Finally, we get to the train. We took the train to the Work Trade Center site. I knew there was a handicap exit somewhere. I'd read that somewhere before. So we took the elevator at WTC station to the mezzanine level, then we took another elevator to the next level (just a few feet up), and we took another elevator, and finally we took the last elevator to street level.

Four elevators just to get out of the station! At least there are elevators. And it's under construction, so hopefully the new station (by Calatrava) will be accessible for everybody. The NY code requires that every new construction has to comply with ADA requirements.
Already tired of this inaccessible city!

I never realized how complicated it could be to have a child and live in this city. This city is not made for parents with little babies and strollers, nor pregnant women or somebody who broke their leg, old people, nor for people carrying heavy stuff. The city is only for young people, in their fullness of youth, perfectly healthy and athletic.

Thank God, my little boy doesn't use a stroller anymore, so I feel I am part of that group! :-) Other people, keep away from this city!

To be Continued....

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