Friday, March 29, 2013

A day with a baby and a stroller in the city...Part Two!

So, in my previous post I started telling you about our journey to the city with a baby and his stroller. That was only the beginning ...

Once we got to the WTC station and after we traveled all over the station taking elevators, we finally reached the street.
We were so happy to find ramps (curb cuts) on every corner of the city. Well, not every corner, but at least most of them.

Unfortunately, our happiness soon ended when we realized that many of the ramps are not maintained. So, we found them almost impossible to use, there was either water or there were potholes everywhere or there were cars parked in front of them. But you know, it's not so complicated to cross a curb. No big deal, at least not for strollers. I don't know about the handicapped, maybe because in this city there are no handicapped people.

We continued our journey through the city. It was time to change the baby's diaper. Our first thought was to use a McDonald's bathroom. Where I am from, McDonald's are very family friendly, very clean and comfortable. Well, McDonald's in NYC is not the best place to do it, at least not the one we went to.

We decided to go to 42nd. street. Of course the best way to get there at 5.00 pm is by Subway. I have to tell you that before making this decision, we waited almost 1 hour to get a cab. I don't know why, there are hundreds of cabs in NYC, but every time you need one, you never get one.

The subway was another complicated journey. No escalator, no elevator, and the turnstiles are the worst! There are emergency exit doors in many stations, also used for the handicapped, but if you open it by yourself, it sets off an alarm. I had to ask an employee next to one of the doors how to use it.
After we finally reached the other side ... more stairs and more work out for us. Well, the trip back home was again a nightmare. But finally.... we were...Home. Exhausted!!!
To have kids or  to live in this city. The two are incompatible!!!!

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